Why It's Imperative to Schedule a Hearing Test with Your Audiologist

How long has it been since you scheduled a hearing test? If it's been a while since you've had your ears tested, consider visiting your audiologist or ENT specialist. While you might think that your ears are okay, some hearing problems might be hard to identify. If you must turn up the volume of your stereo or ask someone to repeat themselves, you're likely experiencing early symptoms of hearing loss. However, if you're sceptical about booking a hearing test appointment, here are some excellent reasons to do so sooner. 

Hearing Tests are Painless 

Indeed, the adage 'no pain, no gain' makes sense in numerous contexts. However, regarding hearing tests, you won't feel any pain. Your ENT specialists will examine your ears by physically inspecting earwax presence, infections or impaction. After that, the specialist conducts a couple of hearing tests to determine your ear's reception of sound and pitch. Generally, the expert will ask you to wear earphones and play some varying tones with either high, low or soft frequency. You will then receive your results showing whether your hearing is perfect or has a problem. 

Early Identification of Hearing Loss

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, one out of three people over 65 years might experience hearing loss (Presbycusis). The more a person delays treating this condition, the higher the chances your brain will require more time to determine how to process specific sounds. Early mild hearing loss treatment can help patients adapt quickly to hearing aids. It also allows the brain to process various sounds actively. 

Alleviate Further Hearing Loss 

The more hearing loss is left untreated, the worse it might become. Progressive hearing loss can result in depression, poor social engagement, isolation and other life-changing conditions. Furthermore, hearing loss that goes unattended might result in brain atrophy since the sound processing sections of the brain start shutting down for lack of information. Luckily, this condition can be reversed using appropriate hearing aids. 

Eliminates Uncertainties

Most people contemplating a hearing test will likely suspect having a hearing loss condition. Living with uncertainties can be a stressful endeavour. Since hearing tests are painless, scheduling an appointment with your audiologist can help eliminate any doubts. After receiving the result, you can discuss the best approach to treat or manage the condition with your specialist. That way, you can rest assured that the hearing aids provided by the ear specialist will enhance your quality of life. 

These are the four reasons to schedule an appointment with your ENT specialist for a hearing test. Don't wait too long to seek medical attention if you experience hearing loss symptoms. For more information on a hearing test, contact a professional near you.

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